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“Hot damn, Merchant’s is amazing! Any beer or wine you’re looking for they’ve likely got it here. The most amazing selection of booze I’ve seen in Michigan to date.”

“Merchant’s has one of the most diverse wine and beer selections I have seen in the metro area. ”

“Best Liquor Store in SW Michigan, hands down, no contest.”

“This place is awesome. They have a huge selection of beers from around the world, as well as an impressive collection of liquor behind the counter. The employees we’ve encountered on our visits have been incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. My husband loves their single-bottle collection, which allows him to create his own 6-pack. It’s a cool way to try different beers on your own terms. [ … ] If beer’s your thing, you’ve got to stop at Merchant’s and peruse their selection.”

“Are you looking for a broad selection? What about a wide variety? Maybe you’re into innumerable options? Well this place has all of that. More beer and wine than you can shake a stick at (or several dozen for that matter). It’s well organized and the staff knows their stuff (although many are hipsters, so only ask about beer that hasn’t come out yet). As a beer geek, I have to say that when the guy checking you out has a hop cone tattoo (the Victory HopDevil to be specific) on his forearm, you know you’re in the right store. Bonus- they have a great selection of fresh coffee beans! They can grind it for you if you don’t know any better, and every 10th pound is free.”

“I can’t tell you how much I love this place! All the beers are separated by country, other stores will charge you an arm and leg for imports, all the prices seem reasonable, and the selection is the best I’ve seen anywhere!”

“The beer selection is just sensational: local, domestic, and international, there’s a ton of goodness and variety here. The wine selection is equally wonderful — I was able to find some wonderful Northwestern US riesling for a friend. The service was extraordinary, especially the help I was given choosing a wine.”

“Each isle is an adventure, as they’re broken down in country/region the beers are from, so if you feel like going on a German Beer adventure, you’ll find a giant selection of imports from Germany to pick from. If German doesn’t tickle your fancy, then mosey on over to England, Czech Republic, etc.  If wine, champagne, mead, or any other fermented beverage is more your speed, you’re in luck as Merchant’s carries a vast array of said beverages. [ … ] this place is well worth your time and your patronage, as you won’t find many (if any stores) in the area that have the selection or knowledgeable staff that Merchant’s does. Stop in, grab a bottle and see for yourself.”

“If there is anything you need to know the staff is more than helpful! They are all knowledgeable but if they aren’t sure about something then they’ll find someone who is.”

“This place is the best. Great Prices and some pretty fantastic food, wine, beer, and booze, too! If you wonder whether they have your obscure brand of brew, just check out their website where they have a whole list of Michigan, US, and foreign brews. They have a nice Michigan selection of wines and if you can’t find the wine you want, it’s probably not available anywhere else, either. The staff is wonderful; you can always count on them to help you pick out the proper bottle, so you won’t be embarrassed giving it as a gift. [ … ] Love the little airline bottles of exotic liquor at the counter so you can sample before you invest. Take your time and browse so you can fully experience the store. You won’t be disappointed. ”

“Save yourself from driving from store to store looking for something hard-to-find and go straight to Merchants for your specialty item and much more.”

“If you want to get your drink on, this is definitely the place to start. Beer snobs in your life? Yeah they will be satisfied here. Winos need the high to the low end and all that lies between? Yep this is your store. Hard drinking tequila people *ahem* coming to your party? No problemo. They carry a full line of hard liquors. Arnold Schwarzenegger swinging by? You can even stock up on quality schnapps. Trust me, my ex bartender hubby knows Arnie can be a dick if he doesn’t see a good selection of schnapps. If you are a lush like me you will be happy here.”

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