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Merchant’s Fine Wine is honored by our patrons with high ratings and reviews from the store’s RateBeer.com store page. Merchant’s Fine Wine’s Beer Department continually strives to bring you the best beer selection in Michigan. Please visit us frequently for beer sales, new beers, and our vast beer selection. Thank you for your support and good cheer.

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Ambiance: you can find pretty much any beer that is distributed to Michigan here. They have about 30 shelving units with craft brews from around the world such as Belgain Lambics, Vintage Ales, Special Releases, etc.

Service: you’ll get very good service and advice here from Annette or the other workers. They always give me an honest answer when asking when or if they are getting certain beers. I have never tried to special order a specific beer, but I’m sure they would order a specific beer if they can get it.

Selection: I have been to beer stores throughout Michigan and the Midwest and I have not found a place with a better selection. The only thing I wish they had more of would be a warm American craft beer section where you can build your own 6 packs. They have some reasonable prices on most of their beers. [ … ] They also have a wonderful assortment of liquors, wines and specialty foods from around the world. Merchant’s is one of the finest beer (and specialty wine/liquor/food) stores in the Midwest, if not THE FINEST.”

“Great selection of beers. If it is distributed to Michigan, they are likely to have it. Prices are fair and they do have a build-your-own 6-pack option that they keep expanding [ … ] definitely the best store I have found anywhere in the Detroit area for selection and some nice rarities also.”

“I was very impressed with this store! They have an excellent selection of local brews, many of which are not available nationally. The salespeople were very helpful in guiding me towards the craft brews and making suggestions. I strongly recommend this to anybody who lives in, or is visiting, the Detroit area.”

“This place is all about service and selection. If you need a hard to find item, that’s fresh, this is the place to go.”

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