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Tandem Ciders

As apples come in all different shapes, size, and flavors, Tandem Ciders crafts their ciders to capture the splendor and diversity of the apple.

As with any craftsman, the ability to transform raw materials into a composition requires patience, passion, and a little elbow grease. Their products begin with superior apples that will echo farmers’ time and hard work. Each small batch of fruit will be turned into juice with a traditional rack and cloth press. The juice will then be fermented using standard styles, and the resulting cider will be bottled ‘straight’ or blended with a little Leelanau County imagination.

Tandem Ciders produces ciders that reflect the character of the land where the apples are grown. The land named Leelanau Peninsula, which is translated as “Land of Delight,” is a region steeped in agricultural tradition as fruit trees have been grown in the country for over 100 years. Tandem Ciders is founded on the principle of sustainability. Based on products of local growers, Tandem Ciders creates fine varietal and specialty hard ciders with a commitment to simplicity, support of the surrounding community, and respect for the environment. With these ideals in mind, Tandem Ciders strives for culinary artistry in its ciders.

The name Tandem comes from a bike trip the owners, Dan Young and Nikki Rothwell, took across England on a two-seater, during which they cycled and drank cider. The couple discovered distilleries and apple spirits, pubs dedicated entirely to cider, and a whole region of a country whose culture was built around the apple. As such, cider became a revelation on this journey and set the course for Tandem Ciders.

Tandem Ciders Hard Ciders:
Smackintosh Hard Apple Cider
Crabster Hard Apple Cider
Pretty Please Hard Cheery Cider
Sweetheart Hard Apple Cider
Green Man Hard Apple Cider
Sunny Day Hard Apple Cider
Sweet William Hard Pear Cider
Damson Hard Plum Cider

Suttons Bay, Michigan.


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