Schneider Aventinus

//Schneider Aventinus

Schneider Aventinus

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Schneider Aventinus

Try this beer with holiday ham!

This beer was Georg Schneider’s creative response to bottom-fermenting doppelbocks such as Salvator. Aventinus has received topmost commendations for its perfect balance of two complex layers of flavors—the fruity spiciness brought in by the top-fermenting yeast and the notes of chocolate created by the use of crystal and dark malts. The label bears a picture of Johannes Aventinus, the historian who first described Bavaria and its people. Aventinus, the world’s oldest top-fermenting wheat doppelbock, was created in 1907 at the Weisses Brauhaus in Munich using “bottle-conditioning” where fresh yeast and malt are added to the bottle to induce secondary fermentation. Pale, crystal and dark malts are employed for this double-fermented wheat beer.

“At 8 percent, this beer carries its strength with remarkable grace. The beer is deep russet-brown and has a portlike aroma of raisins, dates, prunes, bananas, and cloves. The palate shows some sweetness,, but it’s remarkably dry for a beer of this weight. This allows it to remain light on the palate and almost dangerously refreshing.”
—Garrett Oliver, The Brewmaster’s Table

8% ABV. Germany.