Mt Pleasant Brewing Sacred Gruit Ale

//Mt Pleasant Brewing Sacred Gruit Ale

Mt Pleasant Brewing Sacred Gruit Ale

4-pack + tax & deposit

Product Description

Pale Ale brewed with Yarrow, Myrtle and Rosemary, AND NO HOPS!

What is gruit you might ask? Gruit is a blend of herbs that brewers added to their beer in the renaissance times if not before. Herbs are an essential ingredient in beer, both as a preservative and to counterbalance the bitterness and flavoring. Herbs were the only thing used prior to the extensive use of hops. Sacred Gruit ale is a pale ale brewed with primary combination of three mild to moderate herbs yarrow, sweet gale (myrtle) and marsh rosemary (wild rosemary). Don’t be afraid to go hopless, you never know you might just like it!

5.8% ABV. Michigan.