Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biére

//Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biére

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biére

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Product Description

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Bam Biére

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biére is golden, naturally cloudy, bottle conditioned artisan farmhouse ale and dry hopped for a perfectly refreshing balance of spicy malts, hops and yeast.

This farmhouse ale is named for the Ron Jeffries’s (the brewmaster) Jack Russell Terrier. Who, when struck by a car, bounced back in fine tenacious fashion. It is brewed for those of us who knocked down, have picked up, dusted-off and carried-on undaunted. Please enjoy in good health, and look both ways when crossing the street!

Availability: Year Round.

4.5% ABV. Dexter, Michigan.