The Hideout Brewing Company Beers

//The Hideout Brewing Company Beers

The Hideout Brewing Company Beers

22 oz bottles
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Product Description

The Hideout Brewing Company Beers

The Hideout Brewing Company is pushing forward and constantly authoring new beer recipes, giving them a unique brewing collection of over one hundred different beers, ciders, and meads.

The Hideout is hidden off of the main roads of Grand Rapids. The brewery’s system is derived from a large home brew setup. They have a 310 gallon system, comprised of tanks used to make a hot liquor tank, tilt mash tun, and kettle. Fermentation takes place in five 55 gallon drums and transferred one keg at a time making it one of the smallest and most hands-on systems in the state of Michigan. This type of system allows for some advantages over larger systems, allowing the brewers to use a wide variety of yeast strains to design new recipes and create specialty products. There is also a smaller, 30 gallon stainless steel pilot system out back, used for experimental batches.

Hideout Brewing Company loves to create an extreme variety of brews, from Bacon Stout to Hazelnut IPA, and Bubble Gum to “The Forbidden” Vanilla Cheesecake Stout, along with other intriguing favorites favorites. As such, their craft beers are always rotating in and out of availability.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Please call or visit the store for current availability and selections, or watch our Facebook for product announcements.