Heller Bock Saphir

//Heller Bock Saphir

Heller Bock Saphir

16.9oz bottle + tax & deposit

Product Description

Heller Bock Saphir

Kubelbier is brewed according to the historic beer style: Zwickelbier, an unfiltered lager beer that traditionally is served as soon as fermentation is complete.

Kubelbier is brewed as a pilsner and is then bottled directly from the cellars without any filtration allowing all the yeast and natural substances to enter the bottle. Our Kuebelbier is a very unique interpretation of this classic style to add robustness and character. It is quite hoppy at around 50 IBU.

The beer pours a cloudy orange-yellowish color with a nice white head. The unqiue attributes of the style come through on the palate as the flavors imparted by the yeast compliment the hop character and carbonation in the beer to create a uniquely robust yet refreshing beer.

5.8% ABV. Austria.