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Einbecker Maibock

//Einbecker Maibock

Einbecker Maibock

6-pack + tax & deposit

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Product Description

What it is: A German maibock — a style breweries usually trot out for a few months each spring. The rich malt in a maibock gives it a delicious, medium-bodied treat, and this beer also holds a bitterness that tilts it into more complex territory. The Einbecker is a classic in the genre!

“Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock is a traditional springtime beer with a pale orange color, a fluffy off-white head, and a honeyed, toffeeish malt aroma … This is a delicious beer in which hops and malt vie for dominance on the palate.”
—Garrett Oliver, The Brewmaster’s Table, p. 278.

6.5% ABV. Germany.

Bock is a strong lager of German origin. Several substyles exist, including maibock or helles bock, a paler, more hopped version generally made for consumption at spring festivals; doppelbock, a stronger and maltier version; and eisbock, a much stronger version made by partially freezing the beer and removing the water ice that forms.

The style known now as bock was a dark, malty, lightly hopped ale first brewed in the 14th century by German brewers in the Hanseatic town of Einbeck. The style from Einbeck was later adopted by Munich brewers in the 17th century and adapted to the new lager style of brewing. Due to their Bavarian accent, citizens of Munich pronounced “Einbeck” as “ein Bock” (“a billy goat”), and thus the beer became known as “bock”. To this day, as a visual pun, a goat often appears on bock labels.

Bock is historically associated with special occasions, often religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter or Lent. Bocks have a long history of being brewed and consumed by Bavarian monks as a source of nutrition during times of fasting