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Corsendonk Pater Dubbel Ale

//Corsendonk Pater Dubbel Ale

Corsendonk Pater Dubbel Ale

4-pack, 11.2 oz bottle + tax & deposit

Product Description

Corsendonk Pater Dubbel

A classic example of the Abbey Dubbel/brown style. Brewed with Caramel, Pils and Munich malts,and Saaz, Kent and Hallertau hops.

Here’s a review!
“One of the first Belgian beers I ever enjoyed back in the mid 1990s. The beer is chestnut brown with a substantial beige head that has plenty of staying power. The aroma offers a big dose of Belgian yeast, brown bread, alcohol. Very tasty beer. Big time yeast character with light warming alcohol. Easy drinking with a great feel on the palate. Bready, yeasty, malty, not too heavy, perfect carbonation level. Overall, a solid beer. A fine example of the style. This beer has stood the test of time and I’m sure I will be enjoying a Corsendonk from time to time as long as I am able.”

Belgium. 7.5% ABV.

The Belgian Dubbel is a rich, dark amber/light brown malty beer with some fruitiness (dates, raisins, brown sugar) from the malts, some spicy flavours from the yeast (clove, pepper, licorice), and mild alcoholic characteristics. Not as much fruitiness as the Belgian Strong Dark Ale (or’ Quadrupel”), but some dark fruit aromas and flavors may be present. Very little bitterness with no lingering hop flavors. It may show traits of a steely caramel flavor from the use of crystal malt or dark candy sugar. Look for a medium to full body with an expressive carbonation. Traditionally a Trappist Ale (brewed by monks), many brew similar “Abbey Dubbels” to try and emulate the originals (Westmalle Trappist Dubbel & Chimay Première).

Statistics: ABV 6.5-8.0%