Brewery Vivant “Solitude”

//Brewery Vivant “Solitude”

Brewery Vivant “Solitude”

4-pack, 16 oz cans + tax & deposit

Product Description

Brewery Vivant “Solitude”

Monks have been brewing beer in Belgium for centuries. Their beers have been some of the most sought after in the world. Solitude is made in the tradition of the famous brewing monks of the Abbeys of Belgium. Often most related to a Belgian Dubbel, this style is a true classic. This beer is deep mahogany in color, malt forward, with hints of caramel, pear & raisin. Often people ask what spices are in this beer. There are none. The spiciness comes from the special yeast that we use from an Abbey Brewery in Belgium.

Beer & Food Pairings:
Great with: Grilled meats (charred flavors meld with the roastiness of the beer), hearty stews, yeasty breads, sausages. This is a great beer to cook with as well! Cheese Picks: Gruyere or Manchego can’t be beat.

6.5% ABV. Michigan.

Belgian “Dubbel” Or “Double.” Read all about the style here: