B. Nektar Meadery Slice of Life Hard Cider

//B. Nektar Meadery Slice of Life Hard Cider

B. Nektar Meadery Slice of Life Hard Cider

16.9 oz + tax & deposit

Product Description

B. Nektar Meadery Slice of Life Hard Cider

Slice of Life Hard cider is made with a delightful and refreshing combination of lemon and ginger.

“A knife slices the skin of a lemon, the juice sprays out landing in a beautiful array on a plastic-wrapped table. Neat, little pieces of ginger join the dismembered lemon to be dumped overboard into a vast sea of apple cider. They deserve it. Precise, and with purpose, to make the world a better place. It’s to be executed, it must fit the code. The trophy is in the bottle.”

Essential Elements:
Apple cider, ginger, lemon juice.

Pours brilliantly clear, pale straw color with a fizzy, pop-like head that dissipates immediately.

Vivid ginger spice followed by fruity, ripe, red apple sweetness and notes of light lemon.

Tart with a mild sweetness and fresh, bright ginger zest. Round fermented apple flavor through middle is reminiscent of a Spanish Sidra. Crisp and light mouthfeel with a clean, dry finish.

Food Pairings:
Tapas, anchovies, olives, sheep cheeses, pork belly and seafood, especially raw or cooked sushi.

5.5% ABV. Ferndale, Michigan.