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Tippy Cow Rum Cream

Tippy Cow was concocted to remind us of tastes that we have been enjoying our whole life. Proudly made by Wisconsin cows, Tippy Cow uses only the highest quality of Rum and other ingredients to ensure a perfect flavor experience. Enjoy these classic tastes on the rocks, straight up, or as a base for a variety of cocktails, but be prepared to share as Tippy Cow always draws a crowd!

The Myth of Cow Tipping: Many a city dweller has heard the myth of cow tipping, but the truth of the matter is you would have a better chance trying to tip a small car. Tippy Cow’s cows are big, strong, healthy animals who can easily weigh 1400 pounds, and they’re also the loving creatures who provide the base for Tippy Cow’s brilliant flavors. Let them sleep in peace so they can be up early, producing the sweet dairy cream that Tippy Cow needs. Tip a glass— not a cow!