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Chilean Wine

//Chilean Wine

Chilean Wine

Chile may seem like a newcomer to the world of wine, but its viticultural roots reach as far back in time as the arrival of the first Spanish conquerors.  Chile’s unusual geography is certainly one of its many unique characteristics. Its northern limit is the Atacama Desert, whereas in the south it ends at the Patagonian glaciers. To the east is the great Andes Mountain Range, and to the west the Pacific Ocean. Each of these barriers allows for healthy agricultural processes, almost organic by nature. Chile’s long and narrow territory presents a great diversity of landscapes. These crossing ranges hold riverbeds that run in the same direction, which have formed, throughout millions of years, alluvial terraces that are especially valuable for growing vines. This mosaic of climates and terroirs explains the success of Chilean wines around the world. Here is a short primer on which grapes grown in Chile:

Characteristics of Chile’s Primary Red Wine Varieties

Characteristics of Chile’s Primary White Wine Varieties

Find a grape variety that you’re fond of and try a Chilean version. Please visit our knowledgeable staff in the wine department to chat about recommendations, we’d be happy to guide you through the shelves.