July Sales 2018

Celebrate the independent craftsmanship of the US craft beer community this Fourth of July.

The United States is home to over 3000 craft brewers, making America the world’s most diverse brewing destination.

This Fourth of July holiday, as you spend time with family and friends, include American craft beer in your celebration. Pack a few brews for a picnic, set out a bucket of bottles at a backyard grill, or just to have a few craft beers during the fireworks: help cheer craft brewers and commemorate their art and tradition with the nation as we celebrate Independence Day.

American Craft Beers in Cans!

Did you know that more and more breweries are canning their craft beers? Canned beer is better for the environment, the cans protect the beer better from the damaging effects of light and oxygen, and canned beer travels well! You can bring a cooler of canned beer on boats, stash a few cans for golf course, pack a sixer for picnics, and to other places that don’t allow glass. And unlike cans of yesteryear, modern aluminum cans are lined with a water-based coating, so beer never touches metal, thus there is no unpleasant or “metallic” flavors. This 4th of July, put the “CAN” in AmeriCAN with canned craft beer made in the US! Visit the store to browse our impressive selection of canned craft beer made in the USA!

Need a beer keg?

Order an American Craft Beer keg for the Fourth of July! Use our keg list to plan ahead and reserve the find the perfect beer keg for your event. Merchant’s Fine Wine can order a wide range of beer, hard cider, or soda kegs for your party planning needs. Have questions? Let us assist you with all your keg and tapping questions. Please call (313) 563-8700 to confirm availability, pricing, and to reserve a product.

Fourth of July Hours: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

In consideration of the Fourth of July, Merchant’s Fine Wine will be observing shortened operating hours. Pick up your 4th of July supplies before then! Remember to have a fun day, and be safe with travels and fireworks!

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