KnowBeer: Beer education and Cicerone® Certification prep by Annette May, Certified Cicerone®

To ensure that every establishment serving beer brings you a GLASS, without you asking for one. Meaning, a BEER CLEAN glass, UNFROSTED, and appropriate for the style. AND that the server asks whether you would like them to pour the beer, and if so, doesn’t pour the yeast from the bottle into your beer.

Annette May, Certified Cicerone®, became both a BJCP judge and a Certified Cicerone in 2008, and since then have focused on beer education and encouraging people to explore the Cicerone program. She has over 20 years of experience working in the craft beer biz in a couple of different states, starting out in 1995 with bartending and managing a multi-tap beer bar, then transitioning to sales and distribution of high end imports and craft beer.

You’ll often find her plotting her next class while having fresh beers from her basement brewery and deciding what to cook to go with the beers. (Life is good!) She has a lot of experience with food and beer pairings, including speaking at conferences about this.

She conducts the “Cicerone off-flavor” classes in Metro Detroit, as well as hold the “Know Beer!” classes about beer styles and the other areas. She plans to do some classes focused on beer and food pairings too, as well as “Intro into beer” classes.