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Merchant’s Fine Wine reviews on have earned a store score of “4.45/5.” Thank you to all our awesome customers who took time to help us earn this rating. Merchant’s Fine Wine’s Beer Department continually strives to bring you the best beer selection in Michigan. Our beer department is always expanding, so stop by for new beer sales, new beers, and organized changes to our vast beer selection.

The BeerAdvocate rating is a raw average. For a store or place, it’s simply the average rating across all ratings for that location. Its purpose is to help make some sense out of the review average and provide consumers with a quick reference when comparing one place to another. A high score rating is a earns Merchant’s Fine Wine’s Beer Department a “must try” location for the beer advocate.


“As far as I know, this is the best place to go for beer in Wayne county (and they have more than just beer, although that is always my reason for visiting).”

“Merchant’s selection is second to none in SE Michigan. I think it is safe to say that if the beer is distributed in SE Michigan they sell it. The store and beer department is very well organized, neat and clean with quality products. Merchant’s even has a large “make your own 6-pack” section with approximately 200 beers to choose from making it convenient to try new brews.”

“This place is awesome. Literally awesome. My go to shop for all things beer. They have an incredible selection and can get almost anything you want (that can be sold in MI). [The staff] is really polite, helpful, and just fun to talk with. Anyone in the Detroit area looking for a place to pick up some good brews should stop in and see the place.”

“This store came highly recommended, and so we made sure to budget lots of time to drive out and check out the store. The store is located on a major thoroughfare, and has a large pay parking lot (they do validations, though!).

Excellent selection of Michigan area crafts as soon as you walk in the door — loads of Founders, Bells, New Holland, Atwater, and a few others in mix packs. Large refrigerated section of single bombers, bottles and four or six packs of mostly Michigan and local brews, but with a decent selection of other major breweries as well (Dogfish, Sierra, Pyramid, New Glarus, Sam Adams). Michigan stuff is seasonally based, good variety.

Large rack of Michigan singles, and a good selection of American crafts as well in the non-refrigerated area …  aisles of Belgian, English and German brews.

Staff were quite helpful, checking in with us from time to time offering suggestions.

Simply put, if you’re in the Detroit area, this is a great place to stock up on local brews. Merchants does an excellent job in promoting its local craft beer industry, and well they should.”

“Obviously the level of service is outstanding. … If you love beer like I do, please do your self a favor and either stop … you won’t be disappointed.”

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